Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Wow, that is the only thing I can say, wow!!! Me and the

hubster went to the Honda Center yesterday for a concert

with AC/DC, it is was GREAT!! We had some awesome seats

with the stage just below us, could not have been any better!!!


What a concert, the whole center rocked!!



Sorry about the bad picture quality but I think you get the idea ;0)



Cottage Flair said...

Sounds like a blast. Great seats too!We went to see Bruce Springsteen this summer. I hadn't been to a concert in a long time. So much fun!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ok.... I'm totally ready to scream with pure jealousy!!! I'm a "headbanger" from back in the day. I saw AC/DC so many times! LOVE THEM!!! I know you had the best time ever! I wish could have been there too! Oh how I miss concerts and all the fun energy!
bunny hugs,

Anonymous said...

Jisses, vad häftigt!
Vilka superbra platser ni hade.
Kan tänka mig vilket ös det var.

Vet ej om du läst min blogg men maken min hade en hjärtattack förra söndagen.
Han mår bra men fy för vad rädda vi var!!!!!!!
Jag tackar dig än en gång för all info du ger mig och det kommer nog komma fler frågor om det är okej?
Hoppas allt är bra med er.
Kram Bodil.