Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazy employees……what to do?


I’m not sure what to do about my employees, today I caught them again……..


Meanwhile, I worked really hard packing orders for UPS to pick up, they just snoozed away……I think I will be a cat in my next live ;0)



I bought some flowers the other day, will be fun to see how long I can keep them alive, it is do dang hot already and the summer just started, please send some rain our way…………


I luv the Sparkplug/Dragonfly my husband made for me, I have asked if he could make some more, I really think they are cool!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

You gotta have dreams!!!

As some of you know, I’m born in Sweden and me and my husband moved to California in the 90s. I was surfing the web the other week and found “my dream”!!! I found this fixer upper farm for sale and it’s just outside the town we used to live in. It’s situated on approx. 5 acres of land and with a main house probably built in the 40s, the old farm house still intact, several outbuildings, garage and even the old barn. My head has been spinning with ideas since I found it, it would be a dream spending the summers months back home and the rest of the year in California. The timing is not right at the moment but maybe one day that can be a reality, you gotta have dreams!!!


View from the road, the old farm house to the left




View from the main house over the outbuildings and the barn  


Old farm house with all the old details intact inside


The barn, I can almost hear the cows and horses………


And the lake is just down the road!

The scary part is, that I grew up on a farm more or less like this and as a kid I could not wait to get old enough to move in to town and now this is my dream!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for Shopping with a Twist on Friday June 26, 2009 as we present "A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME".

The Decal CottageI've never seen a rose I didn't love. From the first blossom of spring, gently swaying in the breeze, to an intricately stitched needlepoint rich in history, I love them all. Silk roses mixed with a bunch of silk hydrangeas, gracing a vase on the mantle. Cabbage roses on a sugar bowl and creamer, brought out for a grandmother's tea. Colorful rose cupcakes scented as beautifully as they look..........

The Decal Cottage

Photo Contribution 1:The Decal Cottage 

Photo Contribution 2:Katie's Rose Cottage

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glad / Happy Midsummer!!

Happy Midsummer!!
This weekend is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden. It’s Midsummer with all that goes with it! The Maypole, Summer Solstice, the Pickled Herring, the New Potatoes and the Nubbe (Vodka shot). I so wish I could be home in Sweden to celebrate, maybe next year!


This is an old picture from the 70’s, I’m the “cute” girl second from the left ";0)

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for Shopping with a Twist on Friday June 19, 2009 as we present "Favorite Finds".Pink Hugs Sweet Shoppe

You know that sudden flutter you feel when you discover a long sought after treasure? Maybe it's a piece of faux pastry delicately iced and trimmed with lace satin ribbon that takes hold of your imagination and makes you smile. Or vintage china pieces with hand painted roses that bring back forgotten memories. A cottage frame trimmed in vintage wallpaper to hold a treasured photo. Crisp table linens, reminiscent of special teas shared with Grandmother so many years ago. Hand painted silk roses adorning a beautifully wrapped gift or Cameo soaps, delicately scented to tuck inside a drawer of vintage hankies.An armful of hand-embroidered pillowcases you can't wait to bring home and show off by piling them on your bed.  A rose scented candle that hides inside a special teacup. Garden party hats with vintage floral brooches and ribbon bands, just right for a party or to dress up a corner of your room. Broken china mosaics on a teapot, lamp or silver plated tray to bring out when company comes.  A vintage rhinestone necklace and bracelet to put on for just the right occasions............
Joyce Lucas, Founder Make Mine Pink

The Roseberry Cottage 

Photo Contribution 1: Pink Hugs Sweet Shoppe  Photo Contribution 2:The Roseberry Cottage

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for Shopping with a Twist on Friday June 12, 2009 as we present "Along the Garden Path"

 Garden PathPhoto Credit:Treasured Heirlooms

Delights and pleasures that make your heart beat a little faster await you along the garden path. Sights and sounds and smells that excite your senses and inspire your imagination. Perhaps it's the purple cone flowers, multicolored morning glories, fragrant angel trumpets, or the lordly foxglove, all grown from seed and tended with love, that line the path and remind you to dream. Or the delicate shadow of a Victoria trellis supporting a new vine that takes you on a new flight of fancy. In the early morning hours, or when the sun begins to set, a verdigris candle holder or metal scroll work lantern might illuminate the garden pathway. But it's the vintage metal buckets painted with floral designs and planted with overflowing flowers, that seem to light the way.......... 
Joyce Lucas, Founder Make Mine Pink

Garden Path








Photo Credit: Caroline Alexander


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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show & Tell
I would like to Toot one of my Pink Sisters @ Make Mine Pink. I just bought the cutest Ladybug bracelet from Misty Moonlight Creations and let me tell you, I’m overjoyed!


Lynette had my order shipped in no time and had even included a super cute additional bracelet for free, thank you sweetie! She also included the sweetest kitty cat thank you card, some yummy tea and to top it of the some potpourri, so when I opened the package it smelled wonderful from the potpourri.


Thank you Lynette for everything!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the participating Boutiques @ Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday June 5, 2009 as we present "Something Old, Something New - A Perfect Time for a Summer Wedding!"

Mist Moonlight Creations















Something old, something new. something borrowed, something blue. The age old timeless phrase describes the perfect ingredients for a beautiful summer wedding.
Something old symbolizes continuity with the past. Perhaps the  bride will wear a piece of heirloom jewelry passed from mother to  daughter. A necklace your mother wore to her wedding and your grandmother to hers. A vintage piece of delicate lace stitched into  a veil or the edge of a wedding dress, or tucked into an embroidered  sleeve, a vintage wedding hankie passed down from a great-grandmother.
Something new, to show hope for the new life ahead. Whether it be the traditional strand of pearls a new bride wears or rose patterned wedding invitations embossed with the initials of the special couple. A scrapbook uniquely designed to hold the memories of this day. A rose photo frame to hold your memories. A vintage cake topper - new to you - a bride and groom surrounded by vintage daisies and lily of the valley buds. A quilt lovingly hand-stitched for the new couple to treasure forever.
Something borrowed, reminding the bride that she can depend on their friends and family in the years to come. Stepping away from the wedding attire, today's bride and groom often choose blend the old with the new as they plan a more intimate reception using vintage silverware borrowed from grandmother's silverware drawer to serve the reception dinner. The crystal candle holders that sit on the dresser of a good friend. A vintage beaded clutch, borrowed from a mother's closet. A round hanging mirror framed by lavender vintage flowers and ribbon, to lend the bride when she checks her veil is sitting just right.
And something blue represents a love that remains true. Robin's egg blue  thank you notes. Blue forget-me-nots on vintage china to serve the  bridal tea. Unique wedding centerpieces that combine the old and the  new, with a touch of blue for good luck.
The past, the future, friendship, family, and forever love, joined together to create one perfect day.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution: Misty Moonlight Creations