Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Behind the Scene

After I moved out from my warehouse earlier this spring my studio / shop at the house has been packed with stuff and I could hardly see to the end of my space. Well, that changed this last weekend then I decided to clean house / organize……..


Welcome to my Packing Center / Sewing Studio / Upholstery Shop!


First to the left all the boxes, mailers etc neatly stacked and


to the right my little packing area were all the orders get checked and securely wrapped and boxed.


The very practical rolling bin with the packing peanuts, you gotta have those even if they are a pain in you know what!


I’m a certified upholsterer in Sweden (used to own my own shop) and when we moved here to US, we shipped over most of our belongings in a container. Anyway, the cutting table is one tiny section of a humongous cutting table that I purchased from a textile factory.


I purchase my industrial sewing machine used +20 years ago and I have never had a problem with it, runs like new!


Meet Mr Astor the Button Maker, a trusted old friend!


This is more or less all the tools you need to do some basic upholstery work, just few hand tools and you are set to tackle almost any project.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour behind the scene, nothing fancy but it is all functional!

;0) Helene

The Secret Garden

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday May 29, 2009 as we present "The Secret Garden"









Photo Contribution 1: Angel Heart Designs

“Discover a secret garden, a sacred place that refreshes your senses and feeds your soul. Whether purposefully planted - like grapevines carefully twisted along a white painted arbor - or tended by nature's hand - a colorful explosion of wildflowers in a forgotten field - you'll recognize your own by the little flutter you feel inside. A place that inspires new dreams and renews forgotten strengths.

It could be bold... like a spring garden of bright red tulips, with a friendly plaque that says "Welcome friends." Or rows of dahlias in strawberry, sherbert, and lipstick pinks, lining a garden pathway. Perhaps it's delicate as dainty hearts bleeding from a hidden bush, or a single lily, whose petals are beginning to open in the sun. A perfectly pruned rosebush in a landscaped yard, or a topiary of French roses placed on the patio for everyone to enjoy. An untamed daisy bush that decided to spring up in a hidden corner, and catch your eye whenever you look out your kitchen window. A leafy hosta surrounded by blue forget-me-nots and ceramic mushrooms. Orderly pink and purple fuchsias trailing from painted pots, accompanied by a tea cup bird feeder.
Or does your own secret garden flourish indoors? A garden embroidered along the edge of a vintage linen tablecloth, or decorating the notepaper and envelopes you keep on your writing table. Romantic peach rosebuds encircling a china plate. French ribbon roses, and hand-built ceramic roses added to dresser drawers and empty table tops.  A floral pattern on a vintage handkerchief. Fleur-de-lis carved into a white display shelf. A vintage needlepoint of pink stargazer lilies surrounded by burgundy roses.  A garden of photographs and memories, sprinkled with tiny flowers.
Secret gardens, wherever they may lie, fill our days with sacred places and secret sanctuaries.”

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 2: Carol's Rose Garden

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Show n Tell May 17th

This weekend was way to hot for my taste, same thing every spring before I get used to the heat and I’m sure one of my Kitties thought it was to hot too because here is where I found her and let me tell you she HATES water!! 


I went down to my booth at Granny’s Attic in Temecula on Saturday afternoon to do some straightening up and restock. It is always fun to see what sold during the week and talk to the customers that browse the Mall, if you ever are in the area Granny’s is well worth a visit and the staff is very nice and helpful.



The Mall has well over 100 Shops and very nice mix of merchandise



Welcome to my little booth, I could use the triple size, can you tell…….;0)




We have heard about this sports bar in Riverside that put on a Rockabilly Show once a month. We finally went where Saturday night and we had so much fun, the music was great and such a mixed crowd, all from young greasers to old-timers, all having a ball!!



Thanks for stopping by! Have a great creative week!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the participating Boutiques at MMP for shopping with a twist on Friday May 15 as we present Romantic Roses.


We're in love with roses. From the gentle scent of the first spring rose to the hand painted roses on repurposed furniture, we surround ourselves with the beautiful flower and its romance everywhere we can. In a bedroom, fabric pillows and slipcovers covered in romantic red roses and buds. On a sofa in the living room, needlepoint pillows rich in history and memories, with the most intricate rose designs. On a dresser or hallway table, a pink porcelain rose tucked into the corner of a vanity tray, reminiscent of a dresser tray that held my mother's prized perfume bottles.

Perhaps our love of roses springs from the memories they awaken. A broken china charm painted with a blushing rose evokes an image of the hand painted rose china my grandmother carefully brought out whenever I came for tea. Silk roses placed in a hand painted tea pot remind me of the fragrance of fresh cut roses from my mother's rose garden. Ribbons of hearts and roses across a folding fan recollect a fan she might have held on a hot Sunday morning in church. 

Or perhaps it's the myriad of messages a rose can express without saying a word. A rose wreath on an embossed card adds the words "I care about you" to everything you write.  A welcome wreath of pink and purple roses hung by the front door announces "Welcome!" to all who enter. Vintage postcards adorned with roses by some of our favorite rose artists from the 1800s, framed and displayed proudly in our homes, inspire our imaginations with possibilities that could have been penned.

For whatever reason, one thing is sure. Romantic roses capture our hearts and fill our homes.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes a picture is worth more than thousand words……I received an email the other day and it contained some of the most amazing pictures I have seen in a long time. Whoever took this pictures did an amazing job…….

grasshopper eagles

kitty water



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Shop Hop May 4th - 10th

5 4 shop-hop-lg MMP Shop Hops are a type of contest where you try to find as many MMP “shopping bags” as you can. Each of our participating boutiques (see the list below) has hidden a shopping bag image on its website that says, “You Found It!” on the tag (see image to the left). Click that image to return to Make Mine Pink and get credit for finding it. The more bags you find, the better your chances of winning great prizes. See the prize list below to see what you can win!

Anyone (excluding MMP members and employees) can register to play. There is no cost and no obligation to purchase anything. However, if you do happen to find some products you might be interested in, don't forget to bookmark those pages so that you can come back later! Good luck!


Here is a list of all of the participating websites. See how many shopping bags you can find. Good luck!