Monday, August 31, 2009

Have you had a Fika lately?


Fika in swedish means having a break with friends, family, coworkers etc. The Fika is almost holy in Sweden and usually happens at least twice a day sometimes more……











You can have your Fika at home, at work or at a Café. The typical Fika usually consists of strong Coffee, Tea or Soda and Cinnamon Roll, a Cookie or two and sometime an open-faced Sandwich, Scrimp & Eggs are one of my favorite sandwiches, yum!!











I miss a good Fika place here in the L.A. area and would love to be able to open my own place, maybe one day! Now to my question, what would be your favorite Fika and Fikabröd (fika bread)?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Organized!Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday August 28, 2009 as we present "Getting Organized"

Business in the Bag 8-28Getting Organized has taken on a new look! From being strictly functional to being functional and stylish has become the latest and greatest way of getting and staying organized. Pretty and stylish organization means that you no longer have to hide everything away in back room closets and filing cabinets. Instead, old locker baskets painted pink and stylishly chic organizers help you get organized in creative ways.

By using decorative boxes, vintage baskets and embellished magazine organizers, you can carry your decorating themeCozy Cottage 8-28 throughout your home, office, and even your laundry room.

Storage boxes filled with odds and ends,  office supplies or ribbons and trims can fit into the décor in any room.  A repurposed basket or box can beautifully organize your odds and ends while keeping them out of the way.  A vintage metal file box hand painted with pink roses keeps your papers safe while adding romantic charm. Pale Pink and Roses 8-28Elegant wooden boxes painted with flowers store photos, CDs and letters in plain view.A vintage china plate might hold a stack of favorite napkins on a table or open shelf. A pretty pink basket can store clean dishtowels by the kitchen sink. A white wicker basket keeps guest towels or magazines, or perhaps organizes your craft space.  Vintage nursery jars can hold cotton balls and other necessities while a refinished side table can keep your address book and notepaper handy.

When you need to organize, forget about boring boxes and folders that will keep everything out of sight. Instead, look around you for creative ways to accent your décor and store everything you need within arm's reach.

Joyce Lucas, Founder

Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1:Business in the Bag | Photo Contribution 2: Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor| Photo Contribution 3: Pale Pink and Roses


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cozy Seaside Cottage!

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for Shopping with a Twist Friday August 14, 2009 as we present "Cozy Seaside Cottage"

cottage-flairCozy seaside cottage decor provides an opportunity to repurpose discarded furniture and decor that no longer fits in your home or day to day lifestyle. Items that have been well-loved because of the special memories they hold or just because of the way they catch your eye will fit in perfectly in your home away from home.
Cozy seaside cottage style conjures up visions of pure white with accents of blues, greens and painted white furniture. A French blue metal flower vase in the center of a painted white dining table or a side table, painted a sea glass blue is placed beside a bed to hold your favorite books or magazines. If you look around, you'll see a scattering of casual pillows in shades blue and white, tossed onto a white slip covered couch or accent chair. If you look closer you might see a pillow tucked in with with pale pink roses, bringing a new look to the seaside cottage.
Well loved quilts and vintage chenille spreads grace the beds, none matching yet, in the cottage, all seeming to fit in together beautifully. The bedrooms are serene, without much clutter. A simple rose print against a white wall seems as if it's always been there.Casual dining is on the daily menu at the seaside cottage. Mismatched china left over from sets over the years fills the white china cupboard and is brought out for the daily meals. Vintage white ironstone or mismatched china grace a weathered sideboard. A quilt often used as a makeshift tablecloth or for an ocean side picnic.
victoria rose cottageEach corner of a seaside cottage is filled with the beauty of the sea and favorite memories. Clear glass vases filled with seas shells. Sand dollars sparkle like the sea fill a treasured Rose Covered bowl and add seaside romance. Jeweled sea glass, polished smooth with time, and other decorated treasures that you might find when walking on the beach, sit upon the shelves and mantel, their quiet song of the sea filling in the empty spaces of the seaside cottage.
Photo Contribution 1: Cottage Flair |  Photo Contribution 2: Victoria Rose Cottage

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for Shopping with a Twist on Friday August 7, 2009 as we present "TEA FOR TWO AND TWO FOR TEA"

Sisters Gift CompanyTeas can be used to celebrate many occasions. Whether it's a mother and daughter tea party, a bridal tea, a special time with friends or some quiet time by yourself, it's always the right time for a tea party.

First introduced in China, the tea service was elevated to an art form as the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Japan. As the art of serving tea made its way across Europe, tea drinking became part of the way of life in each country. In recent years, tea parties have become more popular with tea rooms opening everywhere. Tea rooms have been are springing up all around us in the United States., and from fine hotels to country inns, tea services are now offered.

Beautiful tea cups, saucers and pots and now cozies, are an essential part of the tea ritual. From fine bone china painted with pink roses or cherries to ceramic cups painted with bumblebees and sunflowers, you can find a tea set that reflects your personality or brings back fond memories of afternoon tea with your grandmother. If you don't have a completed tea set with a matching pot, you can use a mismatched set of tea cups to stir up conversation. To make tea for one, you can use an elegant stacked teapot with spring tulips or pink roses.

Sweet Necessi-TeasDon’t forget the accessories that accompany a tea party. You can display your specialty teas in bone china tea bag holders painted with blue roses. Or rest a tea bag and silver-plated teaspoon on a purple violet spoon rest.  Place loose tea in a muslin tea bag; use a tea infuser to make a cup of tea for yourself, or a tea ball to make a larger pot. You might even want to carry your favorite teacup with you in a tea cup tote, always ready for the opportunity to share a cup of tea.

Whether at your home or at a formal tea service, a cup of tea adds a sophisticated and soothing touch to your everyday routine.

Photo Contribution 1: Sisters Gift Company |  Photo Contribution 2: Sweet Necessi-Teas