Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday September 25, 2009 as we present "TIMELESS TEXTILES"

grandma G's 9-25There are some fabrics that never go out of fashion. As the years pass, they grow more beautiful by adding the threads of history to their own. The original colors might fade, but these timeless textiles stay bright with the memory of the hands that created and cared for them.  The stories they know are never truly forgotten when we make room for them in our lives and in our homes.  
A beautiful damask tablecloth used by your grandmother might grace your own dinner table, completing it with memories of the past and those you love. Linen napkins, slightly worn with use over the years, are now a tradition at every family gathering. Somehow, the table never looks complete until one is placed by each setting. Embroidered hankies handed down from your mother add elegance and sentiment to your bedside stand.
Raspbery Rab 9-25These timeless textiles - hand stitched or hand created - can be worked into almost any décor. Monogrammed pillow cases edged with a bit of tatting - perhaps bearing your own initials or a great-grandmother's - grace your beds. A vintage quilt is draped across the back of your sofa. It seemed magical when you found it, and you lovingly mended and washed it, and adopted it as your own. c'est Chouette 9-25A long lost needlepoint, now rescued and restored, sits elegantly on a boudoir chair, in its rightful glory.
Some textiles are not so old, but they give a feel of yesteryear with a crisp new look. Kitchen curtains crafted from new vintage inspired fabrics hang on a sunny window. Crochet doilies draped over lamps or chair backs add a little extra warmth to a cozy room. A new mini quilt combining delicate hand and machine stitchery is destined to be a future heirloom.
Whether hand crafted, hand created, or stitched by modern machines, timeless textiles mix our stories with those they already know, and will pass them down to generations to come.  
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink
Photo Contribution 1: Grandma G's | Photo Contribution 2: The Raspberry Rabbits | Photo Contribution 3: C'est Chouette |


Anonymous said...

That tablecloth is gorgeous!

Inka said...

Hej svejs!

Tack för titten inne hos mig. Ja, vilka underbara textilier. Så romantiska, och kudden är alldeles bedårande.

AC/DC - so great.

Kram Inka