Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"

Welcome to Pink Friday, Shopping with a twist!
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This week Make Mine Pink & Sisters Gift Company presents
"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A couple of weeks ago did I get tagged by
Jennifer of Cottage Flair,
so here we go, seven things about myself

1. I’m born in Sweden and moved to California with my Swedish husband in 1993, it was scary and exiting at the same thing. So many new things to learn, such as how do you pay your bills, a whole new way to measure and weigh things (in Europe everything is based on the metric system), I quickly learned you don’t bag your groceries, well I didn’t know …….and the list goes on.

2. I bought my first Crockpot ever last year and now I’m a Crockpot addict, that is one of the best things ever invented, I use it several times every week and I’m not sure how we could survive without it ;0)

3. I have only owned one pair of high heels in my whole life and will probably never own another pair again, give me a pair of sandals and I’m a happy camper.

4. I was a vegetarian for almost 10 years and what gave me in was I craved smoked sausage of all things and some other weird stuff that I can’t mention here because it would grouse you out………

5. I bought my first motorcycle in 1978, my Harley in 1980 and I still own the same Harley today. Don’t ride it that much anymore but I do fire it up once and awhile for a short ride.

6. My only run-in to a famous person is that I sat next to Lorenzo Lamas on a shuttle one time.

7. We don’t have any kids but we do have two spoiled rotten Kitties that rules the house!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gotta have a little bit of Bling!!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

I just run out of steam for the last Pink Friday, I had so many things I wanted to do and nothing got done!! So, to just perk me up a little this weekend I worked on some tablecloths that I have found lately. After the tablecloths got a good soak and a wash they ended up on our front lawn so the sun could do its magic to bleach out some of the stubborn stains.

View up the street from our driveway

I also went through some of the picture from when I went to Sweden in May and thought you might enjoy seeing some more pictures from where I grew up as I kid, I hope you will enjoy.

Down at the lake, spent countless of hours down here as a kid

Apple blossom with the old house in the background

The wild blueberries were blooming

One of the neighbours cottage peaking through trees

The last morning, the day I went home the elves were dancing on the lake

Monday, August 11, 2008

And the winner of the Towel Cake is……..

becky up the hill, congratulations Becky!!

Otherwise not much new over here, just been a busy weekend getting husband ready for his new job which he started today, yeah!! The best part is, it’s only 5 minutes from the house instead of 1 ½ hr commute one way…….

I just added quiet a few new item to the Mini Tea Set category in case someone like to take a peak.

Wish you all a fabulous pink week!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You’re Invited to Attend....

You’re Invited to Attend Make Mine Pink presents the first annual Make Mine Pink "Getting Down to Business" retreat in historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia on September 19-20, 2008.

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Colonial Williamsburg
Williamsburg Lodge
310 S. England Street
Williamsburg VA 23185
1-800-HISTORY (447-8679)
September 19 -20, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wonderful Whites

Welcome to Pink Friday, Shopping with a twist!
Make sure to stop by every Friday for some fun shopping!!
The theme for this Friday, August 8th is "Wonderful Whites" .
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Monday, August 4, 2008

We went to a birthday party this weekend and I had to come up with something clever for the birthday boy. His domestic duties are to clean the dishes so what better gift can a man get than some “scrubbies”, anyway this is what I came up with………

Sunday did I go to our booth in Temecula and added some new items and rearranged a bit.

Leave a comment and you will be entered in the drawing of a Delicious Towel Cake, the winner will be announced Monday August 11th.

And the winner is…….

The winner of our Friday website giveaway is Laura J. The Guardian Angel Votive will be on its way as soon as we hear from you Laura.