Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques for shopping with a twist on Friday October 2, 2009 as we present "SIMPLY PINK"

Shades of pink are popping up everywhere. Pink,  once reserved for women's boudoirs and little girl's dresses is now being incorporated into the décor of homes everywhere. Sometimes in hues of summer sunsets, and sometimes bold and bright, pink makes a statement that is impossible to ignore.
Many decorators are "all things pink" fans and put pink in every corner and space - pink furniture, pink curtains, pink accessories. Others' craving for pink is satisfied with just a bit of a favorite shade here and there. You may find a pink pale mirror hanging in the cream colored powder room, an antique pink teapot for tea parties with the girls, or an accent wall painted in a vibrant pink.
Mixing shades of pink makes a room feminine, but the single pink accent in a black and white room can command just as much attention. Towels with pink tatting in a white basket, a miniature pink accent placed on a shelf, or a pink cushion on a contrasting sofa. Even when subtle, pink catches the eye wherever it's used.
Over the past few years, pink has been proclaimed the new black. It's the color that fits in with any theme - from girly to chic, from romantic to modern. Store windows are filled with eye popping pink accessories and furnishings. Designers are using extravagant pink fabrics for whole pieces or to create just a few pink touches. Websites are celebrating pink by selling pink products and giving us ideas for decorating in pink.
What is it about pink that makes us love it so? It's the color of play and delight, yet feminine and strong. It can be whimsical on vintage doll tutus and pink fairy cake pillows. It reflects a bold zest for life when used on larger pieces. It's a reminder of the past on keepsake boxes, and feminine on a ribbon or a rose.
Make Mine Pink represents so much more than just the color pink. It symbolizes women, femininity, strength and calm. Whether you surround yourself with pink or just keep a special pink reminder nearby, pink celebrates life - everything you already are and all your hope for the future.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Sew Victorian| Photo Contribution 2: Pei Li's Dollhouse Miniatures|

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday September 25, 2009 as we present "TIMELESS TEXTILES"

grandma G's 9-25There are some fabrics that never go out of fashion. As the years pass, they grow more beautiful by adding the threads of history to their own. The original colors might fade, but these timeless textiles stay bright with the memory of the hands that created and cared for them.  The stories they know are never truly forgotten when we make room for them in our lives and in our homes.  
A beautiful damask tablecloth used by your grandmother might grace your own dinner table, completing it with memories of the past and those you love. Linen napkins, slightly worn with use over the years, are now a tradition at every family gathering. Somehow, the table never looks complete until one is placed by each setting. Embroidered hankies handed down from your mother add elegance and sentiment to your bedside stand.
Raspbery Rab 9-25These timeless textiles - hand stitched or hand created - can be worked into almost any décor. Monogrammed pillow cases edged with a bit of tatting - perhaps bearing your own initials or a great-grandmother's - grace your beds. A vintage quilt is draped across the back of your sofa. It seemed magical when you found it, and you lovingly mended and washed it, and adopted it as your own. c'est Chouette 9-25A long lost needlepoint, now rescued and restored, sits elegantly on a boudoir chair, in its rightful glory.
Some textiles are not so old, but they give a feel of yesteryear with a crisp new look. Kitchen curtains crafted from new vintage inspired fabrics hang on a sunny window. Crochet doilies draped over lamps or chair backs add a little extra warmth to a cozy room. A new mini quilt combining delicate hand and machine stitchery is destined to be a future heirloom.
Whether hand crafted, hand created, or stitched by modern machines, timeless textiles mix our stories with those they already know, and will pass them down to generations to come.  
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink
Photo Contribution 1: Grandma G's | Photo Contribution 2: The Raspberry Rabbits | Photo Contribution 3: C'est Chouette |

Monday, September 21, 2009

This afternoon I cut, fused and sewed 6 pairs of Kids Slippers for the Pink Slipper Project. I will ship off the Slippers tomorrow together with the 6 pairs Woman Slippers I already made, yeah!

About The Pink Slipper Project

The Pink Slipper Project - From Soul to Sole, Women Everywhere Stitching to Make a Difference
Each year, hundreds of thousands of women and children are forced to leave their homes and seek safety and healing in shelters across the country. This year, you can make a difference in the lives of a few of those women and children and remind them that their sisters are thinking of them. They are not alone.
Make Mine Pink and Quilt 'n' Stitch Marketplace are joining together to launch our much-anticipated Pink Slipper Project, and we hope you will join us.
What Is the Pink Slipper Project?
Inspired by Tery Grahl of
Enchanted, The Pink Slipper Project is an endeavor to warm the hearts and the toes of those who will spend this winter living in women's and children's shelters.  We are going to provide hand-crafted slippers to as many of these women and children as possible.
Our goal is to work closely with with Enchanted Makeover’s shelter projects, providing warm slippers to the residents of each makeover project, along with as many other women’s and children’s shelters we can provide for.
Not only will these slippers help keep the recipients warm, they will be a daily reminder that someone cared enough about them to make something special just for them, which goes a long way in the healing process.
The slippers don't need to be pink, but they do need to be warm and, of course, new.
How You Can Help with the Pink Slipper Project
To get this project started, we are looking for pattern designers to create simple patterns for the slippers that will be given away. We would love to be able to offer a variety of patterns so there is something for every skill level and stitch preference...quilted, felted, knitted or crocheted.
All slipper patterns that the Pink Slipper Project provides to the public must be original and have clear instructions. If your design is selected for the Pink Slipper Project, you will get full credit for your pattern design at all times.
If you have your own slipper pattern and want to donate, that would be great too!
Please join the Pink Slipper Project today by writing and telling us how you can help.  From your soul to the soles of women and children in need, you'll be helping women everywhere make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.
Ways that you can help...
Create simple slipper patterns for The Pink Slipper Project
Create slippers using your own patterns
Get your sewing and quilting groups involved
Donate materials - fabrics, yarns etc.

Spread the word.

Joyce Lucas, Founder
The Pink Slipper Project


Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Wow, that is the only thing I can say, wow!!! Me and the

hubster went to the Honda Center yesterday for a concert

with AC/DC, it is was GREAT!! We had some awesome seats

with the stage just below us, could not have been any better!!!


What a concert, the whole center rocked!!



Sorry about the bad picture quality but I think you get the idea ;0)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ventura Primer Nats Sept 5 2009


Saturday was my husbands birthday so we decided to do something fun for the day, we decided on Ventura Primer Nationals about 2 hrs drive from the house, just jump on the freeway and we will be there…….Wrong, I guess everyone else decided to get of town too!! It took us 3 hrs and some but well worth it!!  


It was lots of people and ton of neat cars and bikes at the show. The Fairground is just next to the ocean, so the temp was just perfect in the low 70s much, much better then the 90-100s we have had lately at the house.


Cool Gaser!!


The Music was great!


Sweet Panhead! (minus the front fender)


Nothing wrong here…….


or here!!!


No show without some Corndogs ;0) 


Several very talented Pin Stripers showed off their stuff…….


Been there done that!!!


Would not mind at all to have this one!


Nice view!!!


Talk about loooow!!!


Took at nice walk on the beach before it was time to go……..


Could not believe the speed the surfer got up…….


After all that we had worked up a hunger and went to this whole in the wall restaurant we always go to while in Ventura, the service is slow and the place is not fancy in any way but their hamburgers are to die for!! I went for the “healthier” cob salad, I tell you its nothing healthy about it but it taste delicious!!!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!!!

;0) Helene

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques for shopping with a twist on Friday September 4, 2009 as we present "Working Round the House"

With the arrival of September, our nesting instincts return. With the kids back in school, there is more time for yourself and to care for your living spaces. It's time to create a cozy fall home in preparation for cooler days and more time spent indoors.
Living spaces that were moved outdoors over the summer will now come back into the house. Afternoon teas in the garden return to the kitchen or dining room.  A favorite vintage tablecloth spattered with hints of autumn flowers pulled from the linen closet and ironed to get ready for the first guests. Your reading nook on the patio will be returned to the living room or den. Favorite pillows ad cushions stitched in deeper shades of autumn, are fluffed to make the corner cozy again.
This is traditionally the time of year we start fall cleaning, tucking away summer accents and decorations until next year.  Summer curtains are put away and replaced with warm fabrics in vibrant shades.
The fragrances of fall fill your home now too, coming in through the windows and wafting from the fall bouquet you placed in a vintage metal bucket on the table in the hall. The scents of a fresh apple pie in the oven, and apple cinnamon scented potpourri that fills bowls throughout your home and simmers on the stove. The familiar scents inspire feelings of comfort and home.
Fall is also a perfect time to begin a few of the projects you’ve been putting off.  The small pieces of furniture you picked up at summer flea markets now hold the promise of becoming your next painted projects. The vintage fabrics you found at neighborhood estate sales will likely become your next stitched masterpiece. The possibilities are endless as we happily work around our homes. Somehow, we never seem to mind. Instead, we settle back into our routines and enjoy the first hints of excitement of upcoming family gatherings and holidays not far off.
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: C'est Chouette | Photo Contribution 2: Patricia Rose | Photo Contribution 3: Grandma G's