Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Organized!Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for shopping with a twist on Friday August 28, 2009 as we present "Getting Organized"

Business in the Bag 8-28Getting Organized has taken on a new look! From being strictly functional to being functional and stylish has become the latest and greatest way of getting and staying organized. Pretty and stylish organization means that you no longer have to hide everything away in back room closets and filing cabinets. Instead, old locker baskets painted pink and stylishly chic organizers help you get organized in creative ways.

By using decorative boxes, vintage baskets and embellished magazine organizers, you can carry your decorating themeCozy Cottage 8-28 throughout your home, office, and even your laundry room.

Storage boxes filled with odds and ends,  office supplies or ribbons and trims can fit into the décor in any room.  A repurposed basket or box can beautifully organize your odds and ends while keeping them out of the way.  A vintage metal file box hand painted with pink roses keeps your papers safe while adding romantic charm. Pale Pink and Roses 8-28Elegant wooden boxes painted with flowers store photos, CDs and letters in plain view.A vintage china plate might hold a stack of favorite napkins on a table or open shelf. A pretty pink basket can store clean dishtowels by the kitchen sink. A white wicker basket keeps guest towels or magazines, or perhaps organizes your craft space.  Vintage nursery jars can hold cotton balls and other necessities while a refinished side table can keep your address book and notepaper handy.

When you need to organize, forget about boring boxes and folders that will keep everything out of sight. Instead, look around you for creative ways to accent your décor and store everything you need within arm's reach.

Joyce Lucas, Founder

Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1:Business in the Bag | Photo Contribution 2: Cozy Cottage Gifts and Decor| Photo Contribution 3: Pale Pink and Roses


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essemia said...

Åh så fint! Bara älskar den där antikskylten, haha.
Hoppas ni får en riktigt skön helg.
Kram Elzie