Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Please join Sisters Gift Company & the Participating Boutiques at Make Mine Pink for Shopping with a Twist on Friday August 7, 2009 as we present "TEA FOR TWO AND TWO FOR TEA"

Sisters Gift CompanyTeas can be used to celebrate many occasions. Whether it's a mother and daughter tea party, a bridal tea, a special time with friends or some quiet time by yourself, it's always the right time for a tea party.

First introduced in China, the tea service was elevated to an art form as the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Japan. As the art of serving tea made its way across Europe, tea drinking became part of the way of life in each country. In recent years, tea parties have become more popular with tea rooms opening everywhere. Tea rooms have been are springing up all around us in the United States., and from fine hotels to country inns, tea services are now offered.

Beautiful tea cups, saucers and pots and now cozies, are an essential part of the tea ritual. From fine bone china painted with pink roses or cherries to ceramic cups painted with bumblebees and sunflowers, you can find a tea set that reflects your personality or brings back fond memories of afternoon tea with your grandmother. If you don't have a completed tea set with a matching pot, you can use a mismatched set of tea cups to stir up conversation. To make tea for one, you can use an elegant stacked teapot with spring tulips or pink roses.

Sweet Necessi-TeasDon’t forget the accessories that accompany a tea party. You can display your specialty teas in bone china tea bag holders painted with blue roses. Or rest a tea bag and silver-plated teaspoon on a purple violet spoon rest.  Place loose tea in a muslin tea bag; use a tea infuser to make a cup of tea for yourself, or a tea ball to make a larger pot. You might even want to carry your favorite teacup with you in a tea cup tote, always ready for the opportunity to share a cup of tea.

Whether at your home or at a formal tea service, a cup of tea adds a sophisticated and soothing touch to your everyday routine.

Photo Contribution 1: Sisters Gift Company |  Photo Contribution 2: Sweet Necessi-Teas


Bodil said...

Hej tjejen!

Hundra år sen jag hörde av mig.
Ledsen att jag varit så sålig på det!
Jag har letat som en galning efter mailet jag fick av dig om hur jag skulle gå till väga om jag skulle starta en online butik men kan inte hitta det.
Du behöver inte ge mig info igen men om du kunde hjälpa mig med att tala om var jag skulle kunna hitta info vore jag jätte tacksam!

Hur har er sommar varit?
här regnar vi bort, det är förskräckligt, jag längtar efter sol och värme så jag håller på att bli knäpp. Man skulle varit i Sverige istället för de har fått all värmen.

Har ni hittat på nåt?

Maken har ej haft semester så vi har bara varit hemma.

Ha det så bra.

Kram Bodil.

Bodil said...


Jo, jag ska skicka Kurt när han är färdig.
Han har både finskt och tyskt blod i sig.
Ha ha och han ser ut som Pepe Persson!
Ha det gott!
Kram Bodil.