Sunday, June 28, 2009

You gotta have dreams!!!

As some of you know, I’m born in Sweden and me and my husband moved to California in the 90s. I was surfing the web the other week and found “my dream”!!! I found this fixer upper farm for sale and it’s just outside the town we used to live in. It’s situated on approx. 5 acres of land and with a main house probably built in the 40s, the old farm house still intact, several outbuildings, garage and even the old barn. My head has been spinning with ideas since I found it, it would be a dream spending the summers months back home and the rest of the year in California. The timing is not right at the moment but maybe one day that can be a reality, you gotta have dreams!!!


View from the road, the old farm house to the left




View from the main house over the outbuildings and the barn  


Old farm house with all the old details intact inside


The barn, I can almost hear the cows and horses………


And the lake is just down the road!

The scary part is, that I grew up on a farm more or less like this and as a kid I could not wait to get old enough to move in to town and now this is my dream!!!!


Lynette Larson - Campbell said...

Ah, Helene! I can understand your pull...I lived on a farm as a child for a while too, and just had to do so as an adult. I lived on a very old homestead as well and it was quite primitive compared to the new farm homes. But we loved it...we moved to town almost 20 years ago and no one moved into the old place when we left. My kids still go out and walk the grounds, remembering...Good luck with your dream!

Lisa said...


What a beautiful place, I can see why you would be drawn to it.

Wonderful things do happen, one of these days, your dream will come true.


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is Oh My Goodness. That is totally out of a dream!

gail said...

Hi Helene.. What a beautiful farm house. That would truly be a dream, Sweden part of the year and California the other part. Keep on dreaming, you will attract this into your life when the time is just perfect!
Have a great week,, (()) gail

Carolee Crafts said...

This is beautiful and the scenery breathtaking. Maybe your dreams are calling you.

Debbie said...

Helene....the farm is just beautiful. I hope your dream comes true! :)


Patricia said...

Helene, that is a beautiful farm. Hope your dream comes true for you. I have just loved living on a minifarm, am very melancholy about having to move on.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Catrin said...

Gissa om jag började gråta när jag läste detta... vore hur mysigt som elst ju att ni skulle bo här på sommaren i sverige..... som du säger man ska ha drömmar!!!
pär bara pratar amerikat hela tiden.... haha han fick den bitade amerikanen på sig när vi var över till er förra året, du skulle höra honom. tänk så anti han var innan..... men som sagt man ska ha drömmar!!!!

James said...

Helene, My mother's side is from Denmark. The whole family went over to have Christmas with our relatives there in one winter. It was so cold... It took weeks for my toes to thaw out again. We also went to Sweden, it is such a beautiful country in the winter time too! It was a magical experience. Hugs, Tedi

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Helene all I can say is that if you get a fabulous, gorgeous, incredibly enchanting place like that.... I'm coming to visit!!!!!!! I loooooooooove it!
bunny hugs,

Susan said...

What a great set-up that would be...I could see my cats roaming all over...and what I could do with all those outbuildings...always fascinated by the true Tuscan sun author...she taught in California and spent summers in Italy...

Grindelunda said...


Vad trevligt att du hittade till mig, och HD kör Du också :)
I vårt garage står även en gammal Cheva från -56, så vi är både raggare och knuttar i vår familj :)

Hoppas Din dröm går i uppfyllelse. Vi har också drömmar som vi hoppas kunna förverkliga.

Må så gott!
Mvh Gunilla från ett ikväll regnigt Jämtland!

Kim Di Maggio said...

Gosh, those are so pretty and make you just want to get barefoot and enjoy the scenery! It's funny how our "wants" change through time, isn't it? Thanks for the beautiful pictures!