Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazy employees……what to do?


I’m not sure what to do about my employees, today I caught them again……..


Meanwhile, I worked really hard packing orders for UPS to pick up, they just snoozed away……I think I will be a cat in my next live ;0)



I bought some flowers the other day, will be fun to see how long I can keep them alive, it is do dang hot already and the summer just started, please send some rain our way…………


I luv the Sparkplug/Dragonfly my husband made for me, I have asked if he could make some more, I really think they are cool!

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Camellia Cottage said...

Ha ha! At Camellia Camellia we suffer from lazy employees also. Yours are cute!
(I have five cats, who love to lay around and watch me work.)