Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Behind the Scene

After I moved out from my warehouse earlier this spring my studio / shop at the house has been packed with stuff and I could hardly see to the end of my space. Well, that changed this last weekend then I decided to clean house / organize……..


Welcome to my Packing Center / Sewing Studio / Upholstery Shop!


First to the left all the boxes, mailers etc neatly stacked and


to the right my little packing area were all the orders get checked and securely wrapped and boxed.


The very practical rolling bin with the packing peanuts, you gotta have those even if they are a pain in you know what!


I’m a certified upholsterer in Sweden (used to own my own shop) and when we moved here to US, we shipped over most of our belongings in a container. Anyway, the cutting table is one tiny section of a humongous cutting table that I purchased from a textile factory.


I purchase my industrial sewing machine used +20 years ago and I have never had a problem with it, runs like new!


Meet Mr Astor the Button Maker, a trusted old friend!


This is more or less all the tools you need to do some basic upholstery work, just few hand tools and you are set to tackle almost any project.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour behind the scene, nothing fancy but it is all functional!

;0) Helene


Lisa said...


Wow, you have been organizing up a storm. Love the button maker that's cool! I need a shipping area too that's awesome.


Debbie said...

Hi Helene.....I loved seeing pictures of your work area....very organized and neat! Mr. Astor looks like a sewing girl's best friend. :) Thanks for visiting My Cozy Cottage World today.


Catrin said...

ååå vilken fin sida. men det blir inget på engelska kan ej stava på svenska en minder på engelska, ang, syrrans dator så e den kaputt typ,,, skulle hälsa dej detta...
adam ville att du skulle överraska honom, så valet på tröja faller på dej, hans storlek är 156 vet ej vad det är i din VÄRD...
Ska hälsa från pappa att han mår bra kring omständigheterna... Kram på dej...

Ember said...

So cool! You are so organized and it looks great. I have 6 chairs I need upholstered I really wish we weren't states apart.


Anonymous said...