Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just an ordinary Saturday in southern California………we had some great plans! Wake up early, have the traditional Saturday coffee chat with our dear neighbor Chuck and after that, off to look at some pavers for the patio we are building in the back of the house. Well, the coffee chat went well but after that it went downhill, lol!!


We did not manage to get out of the house in time, so when we got down the paver place, it had already closed……..


by this time had we worked up a hunger so we headed over to a local hole-in-the-wall place. It was a beautiful day here today so we decide to sit outside, I had a pastrami and hubby had a delicious barbeque sandwich, yummy!!!



We went over to the nursery next door and looked at some plants, the pansies looked great and they had a greenhouse full of palm trees, we just need to get the backyard ready and after that we can go plant shopping. 


 After that did we head over to Kragen,  the local auto parts store for some stuff.


Next stop was Sam’s Club, we needed to fix a tire that had nail in it, we found out if you are a member they fix it for free, can’t beat that price!!!


Meanwhile they were fixing the tire we did some shopping, hubby got all excited when he saw the prices of a case of oil (very, very low compared to back in Sweden),




he got so excited he almost passed out, lol!!


We did some more shopping and finished with an ice cream sundae………


and to end the day we headed over to the local supermarket Stater Bros to pick up a few more things, this cute M & M girl wished us welcome,


I think I know somebody that would love to have her in her M&M collection!!


I picked up some groceries and found dear hubby in the liquor  aisle, he looked like he was up to no good!!!



One last stop at the barbeque sauce section and dear husband had a heck-of -a-time to decide which sauce to pick, way to many choices, lol!! 


Thanks for visiting!

;o) Helene

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