Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please join Sisters Gift Company and the participating Make Mine Pink Boutiques this coming Friday February 13th for Shopping with a Twist, this week’s theme is Shades of Rose.

""The shade of a single rose so eloquently captures all the feelings of a special moment, reflects all the memories of everything that has happened before this time, and expresses the hopes of many moments yet to come. The first single rose a young woman receives might be given while she is still a girl. Perhaps it is a delicate shade of peach, from someone who knows every ounce of effort that has gone into a special performance, or accomplishment. It's an appreciation of everything the girl is right now, and all she hopes to be. Later, a single rose in a deep shade of orange says, "I am so proud," and expresses admiration of everything she has become. She has graduated from girlhood and she is ready to take on the world.Now that she is a woman, her grace and beauty catch someone else's eye. A pink rose, held in a hand made bold by sweet love, tells her of unspoken feelings. After a time, the same hand brings a newly bloomed red rose to announce, "I love you." A single white rose might follow, proclaiming a love that is stronger than death.The shades of a rose, like a moment in her life, can contain a myriad of meanings. A single yellow rose might speak of contentment and happiness. Placed on a bedside table, it could celebrate the unbridled joy of a new birth or anniversary of another year together. It could also make the promise of a new beginning, or to make up for things that have gone wrong.Soon it becomes the woman's turn to give a single rose. She carefully selects one in a delicate shade of peach. It's been chosen for another girl, not yet a woman, who is full of promise and life, and given with the hope that she too will experience life in all its beautiful shades.""

Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink

1 comment:

Montebello Möbler said...

Hej på dig Helene!!
Ja, det verkar som att vovven hade fått i sig nåt som förgiftade henne temporärt - som väl är. Men vi utesluter inte sköldkörtel problem, fast det tar vi om nån vecka eller så.

Du vet ju verkligen vad det innebär att fixa stolfxxn ha ha.
Är på god väg att ha fått bort allt nu, men lite till får jag hålla på. Har inte tagit hem den för att göra färdigt hemma för jag hinner inte.
Tyg tror jag mig ha hittat nu. Det blir nog ett svart 'sammets'tyg som varmt rekommenderades av 'min' favorit tyghandlare. Kommer måla stommen vit .. tror jag.

Då måste jag iväg ner till ladan och måla färdigt ett urfint bord som är på beställning.

Sköt om sig och ha en helmysig onsdag,

Stor kram Malin :)